Thursday, November 22, 2012


 Got my Nov. tag a month swap...for Jane at The hose for this swap is Tee over at This is  a sweet tag!
 Look at the teeny, tiny, knife, fork and spoon! Now how cute is that. Thanks Jane I love it.
Here is a pic of some vintage material that I have left over from the store I used to have. Before retirement. I have a bunch of this stuff, I think I might make a page here on my blog and see if I can sell some of it. I don't know if that can be done or not....I would like it to be a running page where I can add to it all the time...anyone out there know if I can made a page to do that...?? Making Thanksgiving diner...Was not going to cook this year..but dads friends gave him a small 10 lbs. turkey.. so did sweets, yesterday, cranberries this am...just finished the dressing and turkey is in ...that's it until we eat then I will make mashed tata's....I always enjoyed watching the Macy's parade ....but really could do with out all the singing and dancing....please just get on with the good kids are in different places...dd has a craft show this weekend in Ocean City they took their TT and spent the week ...getting drift wood and sea shells...she sculpts then and paints old time father Christmas faces on them...son and family is at home in PA as is my sister...that's about it for family,..I really do not like being so far away :( 
I have been working on those mini paper bag albums, got them almost ready to go...and 10 squares done on the stocking. Have a couple swaps need finished up. Got the hand made ornament swap ready to go...just 2 more then I am done with holiday stuff.
All for now thanks for looking and come back soon

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  1. I Love the cute & creative tag from Jane!
    I actually done good with the cooking this year & for the first year out of many didn't burn the rolls!