Friday, December 14, 2012


022Over at The Altered Paper blog hosted by Tee…  we just did a swap for an ATC card theme Night Before Christmas. I chose “Sugar Plums Danced in Their Heads” I could not find any books or graphics for this theme so I made up my own. The ATC is made from a piece of packaging that some stickers came on…liked the pink candy look of it. I took candy sticker and snow flakes and put them on the inked card. Printed Sugar Plums on it. Some of the stickers of candy are 3D…
023And this is a pic of some things I send along for the ride. Hope my partner Cissy can put them to good use.
004And this is the ATC card that Cissy sent to me. Red card stock make the base of the ATC, and then she did some layering….with what looks like burlap, then Christmas paper with red satin ribbon…a printed out paper with part of the poem and then these teeny tiny cooking cutter emblies….funny I happen to have some of those emblies…..Almost used them on my ATC… Smile
006And these are some really great things she sent along for the ride. Soooo many goodies cant wait to use them…Thanks so much Cissy!!!
Still have 2 more swaps to send out for this year… they will be in the mail by Monday. I have been doing my crafting in MySweetDream motor home….it sure takes up a lot of space to do this…I wonder when I start traveling how I will manage this…I do not want to stop crafting…This will be a challenge for sure …..I know I will have to make a place for some storage because I want to sell my house in PA. Well that’s all for now thanks for looking and come back soon…I also have a couple more swaps that I received to post on yet…


  1. Hi Donna!
    I'm so glad you liked the ATC I made for you and the goodies. That's the first ATC I've ever made and I really wanted it to be nice for you.
    Does your camper have a "bunk bed"area? After Katrina I was in a 1 bedroom camper for 18 months. I used the top portion of the bunk bed as a pantry and the lower part for more closet space. I was thinking maybe this could be a good space to store your crafts.
    Hugs and sunshine,

  2. Thanks Cissy, no bunk :( but I will figure it out. I sent your atc...sorry it is a little late,.