Sunday, October 14, 2012


002Here is tag of the month swap I received from Carol (no blog). Tee over at The Altered Paper hosted the swap. are few things that Carol sent along with her tag. Love getting goodies!!! And also love swapping!005I also got started on my family recipe mini paper bag albums. Here is some of the paper I have been cutting. And in the pic above is  my ATG gun I got last year 40% off at Joanne's. I try not to get anything with out coupons.004I have also decided that I want to start next year and do a couple of craft show. Make some extra money for my camping and travel trips. I am hoping that the paper craft thing will go over good. Like the mini paper bag albums, for starters. Got a few other ideas for selling. Will play it by ear. Still will be swapping!
Waiting for Friday to come along to pic up my rig. I think friend Pearl is going to come along with a pad and pen taking notes to help me remember everything! Dad thought it might be to long a day for him.
Thanks for looking and come back soon.
blessing to all

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