Wednesday, March 9, 2011

SHE ART (new site) HP PAPER

SHE ART MY TAKE : I found a web site the other day with some great altered art. The artist had a class named She Art. I wanted to take the on line class but I really can't with this old sluggish puter. So I just did my own thing with what I could see what others were doing. Making a 'SHE" with a blank face and or arms and legs. I picked out one of my hand painted back grounds in my art learning journal and just went for it. On the evening I first started it, I just had the journal and a magazine in front of me, and the puter. I seen this cute cartoon head in the mag and cut it out and stuck in on the paper. Her dress is a piece of note pad sitting on my desk. That was my start. Next day I cut her face and arms from and old book. Put lace at the bottom of her dress, her legs are arms from a lady in an advertisement in the mag. Her cute shoes are from the pretzel M&M guy. Advertisement. I went over her hair with a black Pit Pen adding a little to it.
I had great fun doing this She Art! One thing I need to learn is about layering making the back grounds. There are lots of on line classes about this and cant wait for my new puter!
FLOWERS FROM MY HP PAPER: I used some of the paper flowers I punched out using my hand painted paper. Put a rhinestone in center. I cut the stems and leaves from green foliage that was in a garden magazine.



WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FL: Temp in the 80's today and sun shine. :) Sorry about the dark blurry pic's I can't wait until I get a new camera and puter. Going to work on more art today, went to gym already, now I am going outside and wait for the Shuttle to land. I don't think I can see it from here as it is coming in over Orlando and that is an hr away. But I know I will be able to hear that big boom! Space program is a very big thing here. So sorry the shuttle is coming to and end.
That's it for now thanks for looking and come back soon
Ohhh .....almost for got here is link to the web site I have been going on about
Blessings to all
G&M AKA Donna


  1. On my way to check out the site but wanted to tell you how much I love this piece!

  2. Thanks Lisa! And a big THANKS for leaving a comment!