Wednesday, March 30, 2011


SENDING CARDS :The altered vintage cards are done and sent! I had great time doing this swap, I hope I can find more swaps to do. This is a pic of the cards and envelopes I sent them in. I did not want to put them in the mail as is because I had too much stuff on them. I figured they would get damaged. I got my first card today. Not sure if I will post them as they come in or wait till I get them all.
THE CHALLENGE BACKING: This is the hand painted backing that Pearl gave me for our challenge. It was so pretty I hated to cover it up! I did not add any more paint to it.
MINE: This is what I have done so far. I don't feel like it is finished yet. I seen this pretty Victorian lady in and add and new that is what I was going to use for this. But what problems finding other stuff to go with it. I kind of wanted to stay with the blue,pink, lavender colors and don't have much of those colors. When I took the pic I had to turn the camera to take it , so before I post had to turn it in my photo edit. Well while I was there it had some fun things to do with your photos so I did some things to this. I will show you on a different post soon. You can click on the pic to see detail. PS I have added a few more things to mine.
PEARL'S: Pearl thinks hers is done. She added more paint to her back ground and sprayed some lacy stuff, I like it alot. She hand painted her girl, and added lot of different things . WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FL. Temp today 80's and muggy with storms coming thru. Bad Florida storms. I don't think I want to see a hurricane.

I got a new Droid phone and had to go back over to Verizionwirless to ask a few questions, and went to Jo-Ann's its just across the road. The biggest and nicest Jo-Ann's I have ever been in, I think its new. Any way, grammy went wild in Jo-Ann's ( my version of girls gone wild lol). While at Pearls she introduced me to acrylic stamps. AKA jelly stamps by me. Wow I had a great time in that store.

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