Wednesday, March 23, 2011


PEARL & ME: A pic of us working on our project. What we ended up doing was working on an altered book. Pearl had one she brought along with her that she had started last summer. I have not done a book yet so figured this was as good as time as any. I found one in my stash, and proceeded to rip out some of the pages. I guess you have to remove some of them or the book would be way to fat, it will be fat as it is but worse if no pages were taken out. I really did not get very far along with mine, not much gluing. I had to prepare the pages with some kind of a back ground like painting, inking, adding other paper to page, etc. I got some painted, a few I did with water color crayons, & water color pencils. Pearl said that she spray painted some of hers so after she left I went out in the back yard and went spray wild! We worked out on the patio since it was a nice day. And not much wind. Behind me is the Florida room where I have my art studio set up, but can't work in it much. To hot and muggy. Or too cold in winter. You can see grandpa in the back door window taking the pic
PEARL WORKING AWAY I took my rolling cart out on the patio filled with supplies to use and a 3 tier thing I got at a yard sale, I keep my stamps in that.

SPRAY PAINTING: While I was at it, went ahead and sprayed a few pages in some of my other journals i have been working on. Also use some cheap stencils I found at a thrift shop last week. Like 25 cents each.

CHALLENGE PROMPT BY PEARL: This is a sheet of vinyl like paper that Pearl hand painted and brought along. She has two of them, giving me one she challenged me to do some altered art on it and she would do the same. It will be fun to see what each of us come up with. I began last night looking to see what I have, and think I got a good idea already.
WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FL. : Temp today in high 80's Sunny and hot.
The paper Pearl brought is a vinyl like paper that she gets from a local printer when he discards it. Free paper can't beat that.
That's it for now thanks for looking come back soon.
Donna & Maggie too

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