Thursday, April 2, 2009

My store spring 2004 #2

My store spring 2004 #2

Here is a pic of my store in the spring of 2004. I do miss having a store...
thats for sure. This store is my 2nd first one I had in the late 80's to about 1990.
Then opened in another town...(small northwest pa amish country ) in 1994 and was there
untill I retired in 2007. I will post more pic's on and off. Check the side bar.
blessings to all


  1. Donna,
    Your store looked like so much fun...most likely one I would have stopped into. You'll have to email me where you are in NW PA. I have a summer place up north - we might be neighbors!

  2. Donna,
    Your store looks wonderful!
    I tried to make it larger, thought maybe i could get some display ideas from you. =0)

    Barbara Jean