Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Been away from blogger land for a few days....had company dd and sil came for a few days....

had a fish fry / grilled cx at my brothers and played cards....was fun....my brother is a great fisherman....and frys the fish light and crispy...no pic's this time ...forgot my camara...
so thought I would give you a few more pic of pyrex...did I tell you I love pyrex? this set of fridge dishes are from the 70's harvest I think they are called...I got them a few yrs ago at a yrd sale for $2 still in box...

Instead of baking cakes and brownies in the metal pans I use the old pyrex dishes...I love them I can't tell you how much pyrex I sold in my store....sold some on ebay too..I think the fridge dishes will be put on ebay sometime this week...another vintage thing that I love is old vintage jewelry...I have a ton of it left from the store days....it was a big seller and was a great seller also.
but jewelry is another post!
blessing to all

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