Friday, April 17, 2009


Great bargans today.... Keno poker for ephemera collections 75 cents
tin coffee pot, painting on for shows flinch cards for ephemera, cookie cutters HRM in orginal pack for ebay and use 1$ for all
New old caps for milk bottles and a bunch of tin for painting 2$ for all!

whole box for 1$ ...paint for Chistmas ornaments rest I will give to grandson ...he seems to alway need silver ware at college.
Was a good fleamarket...someone ask me somewhere ....what flea market I went to ...It is a small local of I-60 near Pulski Pa. lol Don't think very many will know that one. alos on rt 7 in ohio near Andover at the drive -in a flea will start in may. All for now
blessings to all

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