Sunday, February 26, 2012


I am a little late with this stick pin swap. This was a swap hosted by Tee at The Altered Paper. Go check out the great swaps she has! My partner for this was Valery at Itsanalienlife. A sweet blog she does great work.
Close up shows wonderful handmade paper flowers! Wish I could make them that good. I had lace back ground, fringe with acrylic beads dangling, and a crinkled seam binding bow. Love that crinkled stuff. With three very large wonderful stick pins. Thanks so much Valery and sorry its so late being posted. And thanks for being my partner :)Got this in the mail on Friday, it is a swap from Donna at This was a mystery swap held by Tee, we are to send our partner, an envelope filled with goodies for them to make some art with. Love these challenges. The very pretty envelope was filled to the brim with this" stuff". I love it all! Most of the time I make tags with these but there is so much in this package I think I'm going a little out of the "box" and make something different. Wait for more to come. Thanks so much Donna can't wait to get started! And thanks for being my partner for this swap.
WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FL: Wild and windy weather, 64 one day and 90 the next, what can I say....I love it. No snow!!! But I guess my peeps up north have had a very mild winter so far. I say so far as my bro told me wind knocked out the power in the area and seen on news this AM bad snow storm there also. It can get pretty wild in North West PA in March so its not over with yet.
The robins finally made it here this morning, I was beginning to think they by past us this year on their way north. I will enjoy watching them like I never have in PA. In PA they are just part of every day life, here in FL they are just passing thru (like thousands of them) and I do like seeing them among the pelicans and Ibis.
Went to a few yard sales and a gourd show yesterday. I will post on the gourd show nest time and post some pic's. While out and about went over to beach side and found the new dog beach that opened up. Hmmmm it is great to have one here, but it is only 700 ft end to end and you get a bunch of dogs, not much room , not sure how it will work out. They said that for the ribbon cutting they had over 100 dogs there. Way to many for such a small area. It will be for one year, as a test, maybe they will expand it then. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon


  1. Hi Donna,
    Not as late as me!!!! Have posted on my blog now too. (Been a bit pre occupied with sick elderly parents and the ensuing problems that have been caused). Thanks so much for being my swap partner. Love the pins that you sent to me. Hope we can be partners again soon in one of Tee's swaps.

  2. Hi Donna, Your swap pins from the other Donna are beautiful. I'm here to say hello and meet you. I'm one of your new followers and I'm your new tag partner. I see we have some things in common. Being retired, being grandmothers, our art interests including up-cycling things and our connection to PA. It's 36 degrees and raining here in S.E. PA. Joyous Wishes, Linda