Thursday, February 16, 2012


This is the other stick pin swap that was posted about last. The one the disappeared while I was posting. It was from Paula at A great card with very cool stick pins, love the wings!!! Thanks PaulaNow on to the pin cushion swap! Held by Tee at go check her out. Olivia at was my swap partner. The pretty pink package.What a wonderful tea cup pin cushion she made and sent me. Pretty rose on the top with some pins.What a great swap partner, I love it Olivia thanks so much for being my partner!!
WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FL. Going to hit 80 today with clouds and some showers, but doesn't look like we will get them. Very dry here right now. I made my charms for a swap, had them all packaged up, ready to send. AND CAN NOT FIND THEM!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrr . Takes alot of time to make charms and package them. Grrrrrrr. You can bet this wont happen again. Since I have to look for them, I decided to clean ad purge the craft room. Going to get rid of a bunch stuff! Doc wants to operate on my foot the one with planter fasciitis not sure I am going there at this time. Anyone out there have this done? See ya later thanks for looking and come back soon


  1. I Love Olivas Idea Of Altering a Tea Cup!Splendid! Her Packaging rocks too!
    And Paula's Card & Pins are Neat Also!
    I Just Joined a Swap @ Swap Bot for a 5 Altered Stick Pin Swap!Lol!
    I am Cleaning Today Too!It Needs it!
    Never had that kind of operation done.
    Look up some info online. Warm Wishes,Tee

  2. I had planter fascitis for 3 to 4 years-no surgery.Worse pain in the world I thought.So frustrating because you are limited in enjoying walking around.One Doc.suggested arch lifts, finally it disappeared,I'm not sure it was the lifts or the waiting it out.I thought I would have it forever.It never came back but left water filled bubbles around my heal.Gee,guess I should have E-mailed you Sorry-Denise