Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I went to a gourd show a couple weeks ago. Above is some banana gourds all dried, cleaned and ready to go. My daughter paints these, makes old time Santa's out of them.
Above: A big bunch of gourds ready to sell. Part of this show was out side and that is where all these were located.

ABOVE: People checking over the many, many, gourds for sale. It is a big job to dry and clean all these. I did it a couple times, it takes about a year to get it all done. I dried them in my attic. You need a very dry area to do it. Then every couple months you have to take something like clorox water and clean the mold stuff of them.
ABOVE: A pile of cute painted gourd buddies in a gourd bowl. Loved these little guys. So much cuter in person. I was using my phone camera so not the best photos.
ABOVE: This is a cut gourd, that they made into a purse.
ABOVE: This was best of show. cut with a drimel and painted. It was really beautiful.
The finished gourds were inside, where they were judged and prizes given out. There were no finished gourds for sale. They all were very nice and i enjoyed the show.
I am not sure about the spacing on this post, my computer updated my IE, did not even ask if I wanted it... just did it. And now trying to post on blogger is not like it use to be, I had it down pat and took no time to do. Now its a mess as far as I am concerned. So I will leave it now and see what happens when I publish. Thanks for looking and come back soon.

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  1. A gourd show! Who knew? I have never seen the banana gourds before. My grandfather used to grow 'dipper gourds'. Beautiful art work on the best of show.