Tuesday, December 6, 2011


PRACTICE MAKING MINI ALBUMS. When I first started in the altered art I made these mini albums before I even knew what they were. I used a fat children's book you get at the dollar store, covered them with old scrap book paper, and vintage gift wrapping paper. I used mod podge to adhere them, that did not work out so well, the pages stuck together at the seam and on the edges. This is a pic of the fix I did. I cut a small strip of paper and put it in the edge with some lace. I just glued it on the back and each end to make a pocket. Did the same to other page with out lace. That took care of the sticking. I did that to all the pages.Then I added a flower that I glimmer misted. With my home made mist. More about that later on in post. There is also ribbon or fashion yarn between each page. These books are what is called chunky books, so the pages are like chip broad. Most of the practice paper is at least 5-7 years old not at all like the beautiful paper that is out today. I want to use this paper before I tackle the good stuff. These should be nice just not like things you can do today.Made me some glimmer mist after watching YouTube how to videos. I did everything that they side to do, but honestly I am not impressed. I did not think it was shinny enough or sparkly enough. But then I dont know what the real glimmer looks like. I can not find it at Mike's or Jo's
or HL. See the mini mister on the left? That says eye glass cleaner on it, dad got this at sam's club last week they were giving them away, they are just like the ones you buy at craft store. I wish he would have got a handfull lol. That one I used gold perfect pearls and carmel alchol ink and it worked the best. The other was cranberry with pearl colored perfect pearls. I even added more than they put in them. I love using the PP 's on the ink stamp.These leaves were sprayed with the mist, as you can see it collected in the veins and sparkle but not on the rest of the leaf. I must figure out what I am doing wrong.
I sent my altered domino necklace out yesterday. Soon as my partner Karla gets it I will post about it here. Started back at the gym yesterday, just like starting over I have been gone so long. Feet getting better, still hard to go shopping tho, and still cant to my exercise walking. That I miss the most. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.


  1. Donna! I got my lace!!!! You should have seen me dancing around the house! I am absolutely thrilled :) My daughter thinks I am a nut case! I have already used some on the mini I am working on for my sister. I will get your dies out to you soon.

    I have never tried this kind of album before. Yours looks gorgeous - even with the "old paper". Big hugs!

  2. Donna Your Mini Book Is Turning Out Fab!
    Such a Creative Gal! Hugs,Tee