Sunday, December 18, 2011


Made some gift card holders, I was going to make them out of TP rolls, but changed my mind and took these greeting cards that I got in a big bag full at a yard sale. I did not like these so used them.I cut them in half, covered them with patterned paper, this one is from the Sugar Plums stack. Put on some cute Christmas embellishments then added my gift card. Here is the ATC card I received from Cindy Rose at Very nice card Christmas Past is what she chose to put on the card. Great card with a lot of neat detail. Thanks for swapping with me Cindy I love it!I was in two Scrooge ATC swaps. I had a very hard time with this because having no printer and no access to graphics's I had to make do with what I could find. I looked thru some old vintage Christmas books I had and one of them had an excerpt from A Christmas Carol in it. And it happened to be about Tiny Tim. And to add to that the couple of graphics's in the book were hand drawn and in black and white.So what I did was antiqued the heck out of them and went from there. On the back I used my script stamp and on the other I used a piece of paper from and old account book. Trying to go along with the accounting theme that Mr. Scrooge was involved with. Used a scallop punch and punched some script from the book and put a vintage button on it. Used a pre-made envy and stamped it with the script stamp. Then added a Merry Christmas to it. Man have I had trouble doing this post. So I am done for now. Thanks for looking and come back soon.


  1. The antique effect looks amazing on the ATCs! Great job Donna!

  2. Thank you for the lovely ATC, I LOVE IT!!
    Merry Christmas to you. *hugs* :]

  3. Donna You Did a Fantastic Job on The ATC's! And The Money Holder is a Great Idea!