Monday, December 12, 2011


Hi all, got my domino swap necklace from Karla Jackson, the other day. WoW what a lovely necklace . It was in this tulle with a Santa tag.Then inside was the necklace in side of a cupcake paper, now how cool is that for a wrapping!This is the altered domino, an old time father Christmas under what looks like glossy accents. You just have to see this to believe how nice it is! Before the glossy accents was applied it looks like she sprinkled it with some glittery things. Click on the pic to see detail. My daughter, years ago made me a Christmas necklace that I ware every year. But I forgot it in PA so this year I will ware this one!! Just in time Karla!It was a cloudy rainy day here yesterday, with not much going on. So I watched some You Tube, and seen them making these roses. So thought I would try my hand at making some and here they are. They are what is called spiral roses. You cut a 3 or 4 in circle in to a spiral and then roll it up. Just go to google and type in paper roses and you can find then easy. And they are sooooo easy to make.This is the second style of paper flowers I learned from You Tube. The first ones were made with the cupcake papers. Look back to this summer on my blog and you can see that post. I also have a pic of then on my side bar. Try them so much fun to make.Been rainy in Florida, but not that cool. Working on that mini album that I told you about last week. Some mistakes like the closure should have been put on before the paper was added to the front and backs. But its coming along. I am going to transform all those chunky books I did last year (when I didn't know what I was doing ) to some of the things I have been learning on You Tube. I tried to make a paper bag mini album, did not work out too well. There are many ways you can do the paper bag album and later on after I tried the first one I found another way to do it , and I think will work better for me. So that's up next. Well all for now thanks for looking and come back soon


  1. I had fun on the Domino Swap! Love Karla's Father Christmas she created for you! (I Need to Get some Eye hooks or those top bails she used on hers, and work on adding dangles & charms on mine!)
    Donna Your Paper Roses Are Gorgeous! I'm checking the videos out today!
    And I bought A aof Paper Bags Last Week To Work On Paper Bag Journals/Books... maybe a swap in 2012? Hugs,Tee

  2. Oh Donna....thank you for the kind words about my was delightful fun ot make. I just love yours and will also wear yours on Christmas! Your paper roses are stunning....I am also making them right now...mine are out of coffee filter paper that I will tea dye a bit later around the tips. we are thinking alike girlfriend!
    You are jumping into altering like a pro and I hope to swap with you again sometime soon...have a wonderful holiday and God Bless...

  3. WOW! love it all :]
    So colorful... makes me feel happy!!