Friday, January 13, 2012


I got this wonderful ATC card yesterday, from the very talented Wendy, over at (you have to go check). This is a pic of the ATC and her card. Just beautiful. Thanks so much Wendy.One thing I love about all these swaps is the lovely tissue paper that it comes wrapped in. I have quit a collection going. This is some great "goodies" that Wendy sent me along with the ATC. The vintage ladies are much appreciated as I do not have any and still don't have a printer. And the stamped piece of material, can't wait to use that. Sometimes I have a hard time using these pretty things I get. I had two swap partners in this swap, I will post the other one soon as I get it. Tee was the great host for this swap check out here great sites. Thanks Tee!Had to get Maggie some food yesterday at Petsmart, Jo-Ann's is close so I had to go there too ;) I don't buy stamps or punches unless they are on sale. So I ran in to these MS stamps for 70% off! Wow, grabbed them like right now! Went over to the MS craft area see if anything over there was on sale. Nothing but they had the lace stamp there at full price. Go figure. Feet are on rest detail (again) so I will be sitting working on my swaps and other good things. I will post about my ATC's that I sent out. Thanks again Wendy :):):)! All for now thanks for looking and come back soon

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