Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I got this manikin this summer at a yard sale in PA for $5. I love it! Not sure how I will decorated her up , but for now she has a little jacket on that Pearl rusted in a bucket of bolts and nuts. She does a lot of rusting, I like it better than tea dying. I put all my pins and charms on her today.I made stick pins and charms all weekend since I could not get out. These are done with beads from mostly vintage jewelry. Now I wish I had all that I sold so cheap at the flea market.I love doing these little things they are addictive. Here are some that I used some fruit charms on them. I need to find more charms. Where do you all get them?Some blue charms using vintage beads. More charms, the dice are not vintage. Got them at Pat Catan's, but I seen that Jo-Ann's have them if you want some.More stick pins. I made some pins and charms to matchThese are some longer charms. I have seen these in most swaps. I can use the small ones I made , hook them together and make them long for the swaps. Now I just need to find some swaps. If you know of any please leave me a comment. Over the weekend we had what they are now calling a mini hurricane. Rain straight for 48 hrs. Winds 40-60 mph. with some 80 wind gust. Did not like it at all, if we have a full blown hurricane I will be heading north. Yesterday went to Jo-Ann's looking for what else "beads" found a couple packages. Today had to rest my feet. They are better but do not like alot of walking. I now need to make some cards to put my pins and charms on so I can swap. I want to put some in with my other swaps. I keep looking for swaps but seem to miss them, they are all full by the time I find them. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.
Blessings Donna

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  1. Donna!! What About a Stick Pin Swap? Their Gorgeous! Hugs,Tee