Monday, October 24, 2011


Tee over at hosted a Fall ATC Swap. I got this in the mail this weekend from my partner Elysia at . She sent this lovely card. Great detail, like the filigree leaf,the spelling of nature, tags, etc. I love it! So glad she swapped with me. This is the one I sent to her. The fall queen. Made a quick envelope for it also.Here is the whole card and a few other things that went along for the ride. Used a shipping tag, crackle stamped, lace and some bling with a rusty tin bird house. Cut the queen from a magazine. Not much art work done this weekend. Rearranging my room again. Pearl gave me a few wheels to put on my stacking drawers that I got at yard sales last year. So I took them off the table that I made from saw horses and 1x12's. I like it better, can roll my supplies right up to me. I have too much "stuff" anyone out there what to do a swap with me? With some of my excess. Feet had one day of no pain. The 24 hrs after I got my last shot in them. Was short lived. I finally got some pic's taken of the Bird Song swap that I was in. Will post that next time
all for now


  1. Hello Donna...
    both cards are very creative...
    love all the details.

  2. Donna Love your fall queen & envelope! Gorgeous Colors & Elysia's nature is most beautiful in fall!
    2 great atc's from 2 talented ladies!
    And I love the idea of the Craft Supplies on wheels!
    Hope the Pain in your Feet eases up for you!
    Pain is no fun.. Hugs,Tee