Monday, October 17, 2011

ABOUT STICK PINS.................

Some where along the line...I read that some did not think that a stick pin swap was not much of a challenge. My take on it is a little different. It is just not putting beads on a pin. The packaging plays a big part in the whole over all craft of stick pin and charm making. Matching up the beads with what ever you choose for packaging is a bit of a challenge.Part of the package..... The card, some embellishment, some stamping, this flower will be the part that holds the pin. The paper flower is one I made. Then looking for the perfect beads to match up with what you have already picked out. Here are three different package's I came up with. They are not unique to me, I searched the Internet to find out what everyone was doing. There is soooo many more ways to package, unbelievable the unique ways people come up with. A small tag I made, you can alter a packing tag also, I used scrap book paper to make all the ones for this swap. Another paper flower I made to hold the pin. Join the swap that Tee is having This is another one. Some what larger so that it holds three stick pins. That is usually what you send in a swap that has more than one partner. This type is called match book holder. It is made like a match book and the pins are held in side.This is the inside of the match book. You can see how it hold the pins. I used pop dots under the flap to stick them in. So like I said there is more to it than just putting beads on a pin. You have color, texture, embellishments, etc, just like with any other piece of altered art. If you google stick pin swaps you will come up with a ton of ideas. And you will see what everyone else is doing in these swaps. When you do this check the You Tube links that show up also, check out 1966allyson on You Tube and see the swaps that she has done and shown on You Tube. Some very beautiful work done there. I hope this will help you when doing some stick pins. I love doing these and will join every swap I can find. Go over to Tee's and join! I also used alot of vintage costume jewelry just not the beads but brooches, earrings, used in embellishments on the cards. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.
Blessings Donna

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