Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Just before I left…

I found this local quilt shop about 5 miles from dads…oh my what goodies they have here..this was just one wall of material…


Below I took the pic just in side the front door..it was hard to get pix because they were busy that day….

2014-05-24_12-31-23_219 (1)

And some finished items are hanging all over the store…I bet during the holidays this is a wonder land of goodness..


And a couple of finished quilts ..hanging around just two of many….

2014-05-24_12-31-06_790 (1)

And the rest of the story…

When I get back I plan on taking a few classes that they offer at this store…later I will tell you the name I cant remember right now…in Aug. they are going to be involved in a shop hop…about a doz quilt shops from Tampa to Ocala will be on the tour…it is a two day event…I really wanted to go but I will not be in Florida at that time and…then I thought what would I do with my Maggie girl….on my down time from working on the house I want to be doing quilt stuff…but I am afraid to start something cause I don’t know what I am doing…even working on the crazy quilt blocks I found out I was doing some things wrong..most of what I am learning is from watching  Youtube..I can only watch on my phone and it is old slow and cranky…anyone out there know how I can get a new phone not pay full price and keep my Verizon unlimited data…??? Please let me know..well better get busy…thanks for looking and come back soon

blessings to all donna

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