Friday, February 11, 2011


YARD WORK...I got my pic's mixed up, this is after working all day, picking the weeds, raking , then laying down that black yard cloth. We also had to lift the white fancy brick in front,and level it , as it had sunk down in the sand. At least it is easy to work in the sand. That little green thing you see in the middle is a palm plant I am going to put there. I found it last year, back in a place were dad put all his pots and other such yard stuff, kinda messy at the time and it was under a bunch of stuff. I will show you what it will look like some day when I do some work out front.
This is when we were getting ready to put the mulch down.I forgot to take a before pic. We put down 22 bags of mulch just in the area, we have 2 more like this to do. Glad I have been going to the gym the last 3 weeks, since I am doing most of the work. At least won't have to do it again for a long time. I am going to do some planting in there but not sure what to put in. Mainly because I am not sure what goes here in Fl. WHITE CHALLENGE :This is the finished card, again I got my pic's mixed up! I don't feel that I am good enough yet in my altered art to join in any swaps or challenges so I decided to just look around and do some on my own. I found a blog that was having a challenge and the prompt was white. So this is my take on it.

WHITE CHALLENGE : Here is the white and off white, stuff I gathered up to use in this challenge. Lace, vintage lace, vintage paper doily, copy of vintage lady pic, sheet music, vintage wall paper, old buttons, and some flower punch outs I made with sheet music. I sewed the pic to a piece of card stock I use as a backing, sewed and glued some of the lace. All in all I like it but not sure if it is finished yet.
WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FL Cloudy day with a very cool breeze blowing. Today I didn't work out side, went to the gym, then got a call from a new geocacher I met, and she invited me to a geocache/picnic at Whickham Park tomorrow. So came home and made food, taking egg salad sliders, chips, and choco/peanut butter brownies. Making things to eat with fingers, so we don't have to worry about silver ware, plates and all that. Trying to find a place to get oil changed in my truck, price down here is more that PA. Found a wall mart by the Michael's store I got to so going to check that out.
Well that's if for now thanks for looking and stop back soon

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