Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Here is an old log cabin that was found when another building was being torn down. It is the oldest building known in Mercer Co. PA. Wow can you imagine a whole family living in it. Things were sure a hardship back in the day, I wonder how many of us could cope with living at that time? This log cabin is sitting in the small park where I found the lock geocache.
Now for the house progress it is all painted but a small trim around the front porch roof. What a load of my mind. And one step closer to my goal. A big step at that. Thanks to son for all the work. I found out doing this type of labor is not in my future, I can't do all the things I could when I was younger, intresting finding out about these "old age things" I know I will be glad when I can be a "retired" woman. I can't seem to add the pic's at this time so I will come back and try again
till later blessings to all

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