Friday, April 24, 2015


Been awhile …but here I am back again…also been doing a little sewing along the way…this is a pic of a wall hanging that I am making…it is a pic of a pic so not the best and is not the whole thing… but it is all I have at this time…I have missed a few of the classes…also this is only the top half of the hanging…it is made by rows..the first row is cherries…next row is the small checker board…and then a row of bird houses…they already made those two rows and I missed them….


But here is the cherry row…that was the class for this month…At Jo-Anne’s one of the ladies at the church is the teacher…she said I could make up the missed classes on Tues. A bunch of us go over and work on our own projects…as apposed to Wed. when we work on bazar stuff…I had the work sheet with need materials and directions up to a point…but there are tips and tricks to this applique stuff…lol…I had the cherries all cut out according to the directions …but the tip & trick was not on the sheet and they were not the right size and they were not all that round….tip was how to make them round and easy to sew on the block… so I had to cut them all over again…good thing I took extra material to class with me…in pic below the leaves are all sewed down and I am placing the “round” cherries….


And below is the finished block with the stems embroidered…so far this is all I got done…I did a good job at class doing the cherries but now I am having problems getting them round…even with the tip…grrrr…I will miss more classes when I go to PA for the summer…so who knows when this will get finished…another tip was using the right tools …in this case “sewing needle” I knew there are many kinds of needles but did not know their use…now I know there is a great needle for appliqué is very fine.. so fine that it will bend slightly… and it works wonders on applique Aggie the teacher gave me one of hers to use and my oh my what a difference….now if I could only thread the needle easily …my eyes are the problem with that chore….Aggie is going to a quilt show in KY this week and will bring back things for us…I ordered some of the needles….



And below is a couple of pillows I decided to recover…our WM changed the whole store around and up graded things from new freezers and coolers to adding a bunch more to the craft dept. … in the craft part they have added material…it has taken them 4 mo. to get in most of the material and I was so disappointed …who ever does the buying for this store…ugly …ugly is the word of the day…I know that WM has much better…because the WM in Greenville PA has a wonderful selection…and great for quilting…maybe it will get better here….


I am wanting to make my rig more beachy ….this is one bold they had at WM that was nice …you could tell when went back the next week to get more and it was all gone…the rose material in the back is what was on the pillows before…


I am going to an Art show this weekend..I hope it is going to be 90 and not sure what to do …I can not to heat well…guess I better get busy…I also have made some post on my other travel bl og if you want to take a look…thanks for looking and come back soon …blessings to all …donna

link to other bl og…

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