Friday, November 21, 2014


The blue board ….

one I bought for my self…the blue side is a self healing cutting board and the other side is for pressing…I would like it to be a little bigger but this I the right size for storing in my RV….the one on the bottom is one that I made for my sister…I found a piece of 1/2 in. plyboard that I had …


I put down some batting and covered it with musslin …glued it with some wood glue cause that is all I could worked out great … a really good hold…


This is a pic of that side finished…I like it a lot… perfect for pressing while sewing you don’t have to drag out the ironing board and all that…


In the pic below is the self healing mat that gets glued on the other side…the other side of the mat has a gird for measuring..don’t know why I didn’t take a pic with it facing up….any way my neighbor was putting it out for the garabage .. her kids had did a little marking on it with a marker … not that bad that it would interfear with using it for sewing…I gave it to my sister like this so she could glue it down …she glued it and put her sewing machine on top to hold it down…worked like a charm…


The rest of the story….

The bazar is over…now down to my business…I started to cut the 10  1/2 in squares for the rag quilt I am making for my DD and baby Charley….it is for them to play on the floor when she can sit up….I hope it turnes out ok…will be my first…I will post some pics in another post soon….still dealing with kidney stones…went to doc again today 11/21/14..he thinks it could be in my bladder…so need to continue water to flush it out…praying for it to do so soon…it has been cold the last couple days here in central Floirda…along the east coast…but to warm up now…there is an art show only about a mile from dads tomorrow so hope to go check that out…well that’s all for now…thanks for looking and come back soon….blessings donna  

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