Saturday, October 4, 2014


One day I was….

I was messing around with alcohol inks …using Tim Holtz inks and that ink pad thinging he has..didn’t work for me…and that led to  what I call blob art…I was trying to make some flowers that I seen on a site somewhere…it was not looking good for any flowers…so I set it aside for quite a while…then one day picked it up and started to doodle…


and I saw what I thought was some cute little girls…so here is what showed up when it was all said and done…or should I say when it was all doodled and done…


I am not sure what these little sweeties will turn out to be…but I am sure they will be seen again in my art/craft work…


some of them just looked like they were up to their eyes in bubbles…lol


Any way I had a fun time doodling these sweeties…I think you can come up with the best art work when nothing is planned and you just do it…don’t over think it…I am making up a few b lo g  post ahead so that I  will have some ready when I have internet service.. having problems with my Verizon…so I try to come up with some free WiFi to make post and up load pix…10-4-2014…I am on my way back to Florida and have some free WiFi so going to post this…got my house done and listed to be sold..hope to get more crafting done soon,..thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings to all donna

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