Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Well I know that I have been missing for a long time…but you know how sometimes life gets in the way and some things have to be put aside…but maybe I will be back on track..below is a pic of something that I have been working on…embroidery …a cute little kitty quilt block…because…I am going to be a Great Grandma in July !!!!! That in its self is enough to put some spark under you….


I made 4 of these blocks put them on a pink back ground and then on the quilt/blanket all soft flannel…the chevron pattern is what the mama of new baby picked…made some yoyo’


In this pic …I have every thing lying on the bed while working on it ….


And also putting together a couple bibs made with pink wash clothes…


I have really gotten into this sewing thing….especially quilting… what got me into this …I took a quilt block class at Jo-Ann’s last month that got me hyped up…I will save that for the next post along with the finished quilt/blanket…that will make me get back to this blog..……so thanks for looking and come back soon..

blessings donna

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