Tuesday, October 26, 2010



ALTERED DOOR HEADER Well , I was trying to decide what way I wanted this blog to go, keep it vintage or art/craft blog.
Finally figured out that it could be both because with with the altered art , I use a lot of vintage and antique things doing this type of art. I think some of the things I did in the past were altered art, such as the rehab furniture, and the decorative painting on the "junktique" Check the archives to see these things. Now I will be doing alot with other old and vintage things, ephemera, (old paper) collage, embellishing, stamping , sewing, journaling or doing anything else to a book or other items to reflect a creative idea, theme or narrative. This form of art encompass soooo much, that's what I like about it you can go to so many places with it, unlimited fun!
In future post I will share with you the techniques I learn and all the mistakes I make along the way, but the way I look at it, nothing is a mistake in this form of art. lol
The first thing that I have been working on is an inspiration board. Not sure if that is what it is turning out to be. It is an old cork bulletin board, I painted it pink, cause that is what I had handy, then I started picking out some things to decoupage on it. I had a lot of my stuff packed up so I used what was still lying around, just so I could get started. First added a piece of vintage dress pattern, then some old sheet music, scrabble tile my DlR , vintage wall paper a couple faces of women I drew in pencil, a tag in the upper right corner that I made a couple yrs ago, just fooling around trying something new, the gold circle on the tag is an old earring that you can cut a pic out and put in place of the vintage girl, and you can journal on the back, the flowers in the middle right are first time trying the box tape method of transferring images. Kinda cool. Maybe I will fill it up with different techniques I learn. Anyway that's what I have done so far.
The other pic is of an old woodwork door header that I took out of a 100 yr old house that they were demolishing . I gave two of them to my dd and she made a sort of head board for her guest room. The theme in the room is beachy/ocean , really turned out nice. She glued on sea shells, put on that fish net and a few other beach findings and hung them above the twin beds in the room. So see you can use anything for altered art!
You can click on the pic to make them larger, now I am off to do more cleaning and packing up.
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  1. I think it's wonderful to show artwork on your blog.I also think that showing the techniques that produce these works of art are very interesting. People love to know how you do something so they can try it on their own.
    Please keep up the good work. I love that inspiration board. It's just lovely.

  2. You came up with a great idea for your post today. Each one very fitting in its on way.

  3. Great idea to show your artwork!! I love blogs that have great ideas and show how things are done. I am not too good at coming up with ideas like that with mixed media art, but I so enjoy looking at it!! Happy VTT!

  4. Love your beach swag. I have a room done in more the ship theme but have some" beachy" things in it I posted the winner of the truck contest my sisters and I had back in September. I also am having a give away for my 100th blog in just a few days so hope you will be able to come by for a visit. Debbie