Friday, August 14, 2015

Some crafty things….

I started off with….

these items for my crafty project…picked up a few things at Lowe’s and Nan had a few things I need to work with….I am going to post his on my craft  b log so if you read both just know it will be a repeat…I have been very lax on my craft b log…and most peeps that are crafty don’t read this one….so laid out my stuff and got to work


Nan working on her craft project using a drill on a plastic plant pot ..I will take a pic of it when she is finished if she is still around here…I have plans to make one also so you will see it one way or another…laid out on the picnic table is the start of my project…


And it is finished…a flag pole for my RV & camping…I see these all the time at camp grounds…in various sizes…some are really big to hold a full size flag…lot of Vets have them with like a Marine flag and American flag on them….very easy to make …...made with PVC pipe I used 1/2 in. pipe because I wanted a small one…I forgot one piece so could not put it together until I got home a bought what I needed…by then I forgot how the pieces went together..good thing I took a pic of Nan’s…right now I have one of those American flags on it that are on sticks I broke the stick and  taped it on with white duct tape…but will replace it with a better one….and the other flag is the flamingo I found at Camping World a couple years ago and added the Women RV and Welcome on the other side…there is room to hang something else…I am thinking maybe a small light wt. lantern that I will most likely make myself …I bought a fall harvest flag to put on next month..the PVC pipe is set over a  4 ft. rebar that is pounded the ground…that way it can swivel with the wind…letting you know what way the wind is blowing….if you want to make one just Google PVC flag pole you tube …there are tons of videos on this…


Another project we ….

played around with was doing some etching on this glass wine glass…the glass Nan got at the dollar store…just in case we screwed it up…she had got an etching tool…at Walgreens one of those “ As Seen On TV” things…and we picked up a couple of stencils at Pat Catans…we got the paw prints ”I wanted them because I am going to make a memory mini album about Maggie” anyway this little tool worked great…as you can see…I stopped at a local Walgreens but they did not have the tool as a couple Wal-Mart stores did not either…I will keep looking I really want one of these….


A Maggie pic for this day…a happy day even tho she did not like to get her pic take…as you can see…giving the camera  the harry eye…lol…this is all for now thanks for looking and come back soon …blessings to all G&M

untitledMy Maggie girl…

Duplicate post on my other b log….

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